Friday, 27 June 2014

The Beer-Fishers of Coventry

Hawkesbury Junction - Coventry Canal

There are certain things that we just can't do without on the boat; Dad's beer, my biscuits, and toilet-roll.

Well, Dad had no beer, my biscuits were just a pile of crumbs in the bottom of the box, and the toilet-roll was nearly down to the cardboard.
Mums phone has a thing on it called a 'Google', and this Google told her that there was a shop by the canal nearby in Coventry, so we set off in the boat to find out where we could park to do a bit of shopping.

After a couple of miles, or an hour in 'boat-time', we saw the shop, but nowhere to park the boat. Dad said that we would have to turn around and try to find somewhere on the way back.

The trouble with our boat is that it is too long to turn round just anywhere, so we have to go to a special place that they have every few miles, where long boats can go in and turn around.

At the place where we needed to turn, there was a couple of men and a woman who had fishing-rods and seemed to be catching beer cans in the canal.
I don't know what time they had started fishing, but we'd got there quite early and they already had a big pile of cans that they'd obviously caught that morning.

Anyway, Dad started to turn the boat round when one of the men started throwing stones at us and the boat. As the man was holding a beer can that he'd just caught, his aim wasn't that good, and luckily, he only hit the back of the boat, but he started shouting at Dad that the canal wasn't there for boats, it was there so that he could do his fishing,

While the big pile of beer cans did indicate that it was a good place to fish, Dad told him that the turning round place was there for boats to use, but the beer-fisher didn't agree and followed us back up the canal still throwing stones and shouting rude words.
Mum took some photos of him in case we bumped into him again, and eventually, he turned round and went back down the canal so that he could fish for some more cans.

We did eventually find somewhere to park so that we could do some shopping, but I think we're all agreed that we won't go back to Coventry any time soon, just in case we hit the beer-fishing season again.

Just in case anyone is tempted to go down there, here is his picture.................

XX Beau



  1. Billy Connolly has let himself go a bit hasn't he????

  2. Greetings from the US. My friend & I met you briefly at Stratford-upon-Avon Sept 2014. Dad was reading the paper, Mum was knitting, and you were keeping an eye on everything. Had a nice chat. I hope all of you are well. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!


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