Monday, 6 February 2012

Finally sorted out how to get my paws to work on a wireless-mouse without getting bitten. Ma and Pa are sitting down writing lists of all the stuff that needs to be done on the rusting hulk before we can get out of this carpark for boats.

I'm a bit torn between wanting to get out of here, ('cos I have to be attached to my minder by a rope which is a real drag when they don't want to sniff the same things that I do), and the start of the annual drag around the canals of Britain, when I can be let loose, but tend to get shouted at a lot more in case I frighten kids or small dogs.

I've noticed that there is a group of people around that don't want to play the same games as me: such as Running between Legs with a Large Stick, Pinch the Ball off the Poodle and Lock-Beam Roulette.

I still think that if they understood the rules better, then they would enjoy these games as much as I do.

Gotta go now 'cos it looks like Ma is grating something tasty into my bowl.


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