Saturday, 30 March 2013

We've Gone...

I haven't been able to send messages for a while because Mum says that Dads had trouble with his dongle. Dad says that his dongle is just fine and is blaming it on the cold weather, Mum says its not been cold THAT long....anyway there is news to tell, so here it is.
Something was a bit wierd this morning.....early breakfast, no walkies down by the river, chained up like a dog to the fence outside the boat. Dads down the big metal hole thingy at the back playing with his dipstick (don't go there...). Mum says he's wound up like clock. There is talk of going away for a bit, but its SNOWING for heavens sake!!, and we're stuck in amongst 5 other boats that haven't moved for years.

More news:  Seems we are going, so I had to say goodbye to my mate Harley (the spaniel), from Black Pearl. We've promised to stay in touch, but the weather might have caused dongle trouble on his boat too.

Only 30 minutes into the trip, just getting my sea-legs, Dads already hit something made of brick, and who do I see coming down the towpath but my mate Harley, who's got his Mum to bring him to the locks to say a last tearful goodbye........what actually happened was that he jumped onto the back of my boat, went to the kitchen and finished off the pile of biscuits and gravy in my dish that I was saving for a late lunch......there is always something to learn in life, and todays lesson is: 'The spaniel leaving with gravy on his chin  may not have had tears in his eyes after all.'

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