Saturday, 28 December 2013

It's That Time of Year Again

Stratford Upon Avon Canal

Since we got back from our travels in September, I don't seem to have had 5 minutes to myself to update my Blogsite. My computer seems to have been in constant use by Dad, who is either playing games, fixing 'bugs'..( in summer, he just swatted them), or trying to find even cheaper sausages to supplement my meagre dog food rations, on something called a 'Google'.

Apparently, this time of year is called 'festive', and involves Mum and Dad going out nearly every day to buy more food and stuff than we used in the whole of the summer, and then complaining that there isn't anywhere to put it on the boat. There's so much stuff in the pantry that Mum and Dad now have to sit on the other side of the boat to stop it from tipping over, and the freezer door is being held shut with a piece of wood jammed against the wardrobe.
The back of the boat is full of carrier bags which Mum says that Dad is not to look in, (though I've caught him sneaking a peek when she's not around). The back of the car is full of carrier bags which Dad says that Mum mustn't look in either, but I guess that she's also sneaking a look while he's not around............(and they say that Border Collies are devious...............

There's a lot of stuff being cooked and baked in the oven, some of which has come my way by using either the 'cute' look or, if that fails, the 'half-starved pathetic' look. (Which is how I got re-homed from the Dogs Trust all those years never fails!!)

There is a wonderful smell of cooked ham wafting around the boat at the moment, so I'll have to go and put my miserable face never know, something tasty could come of it.

Dad is doing some planning for our next trip in the Spring, so I'll be continuing my tales of boating adventures sometime in March. In the meantime, I hope that you all have a good 'festive' season and will join me again in the New Year.

XX Beau

'STILL LOOKIN' GOOD....................

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