Monday, 10 March 2014

On The Road Again....Sort Of..

Wootton Wawen, Stratford Canal

After 5 months of doing not a lot except for keeping the Wharf a 'Duck Free' zone, apparently, the time has come for us to go out and about on the boat to meet the public at large, (and since Christmas, some are larger than others!!) No offence Dad......
This week has seen a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, with Dad and Mum sorting out the final, essential bits and pieces, without which, apparently, its not safe to set out on our travels. A lot of these 'essentials' seem to be in liquid form, which Dad says is easier to transport than solids.
I'm pleased to see that a sack of my 'working dog' food has also made it onto the back of the boat although Dad did say he wasn't going to buy it any more because, after 4 years of putting it in my bowl, I've never done a days work yet....I could be wrong, but I think that he's trying to be just a little bit cheeky.

So far, we have made it to a place called Wootton Wawen which is only about 10 miles from where we started out from, but it has taken us 2 days to get here. Dad says that we are heading 'up North' towards a place called Macclesfield.
I've seen the map and its right near the top, and though I might not be the the sharpest pencil in the box, I've worked out that (a) We haven't packed enough dog biscuits for me, (b) we haven't packed enough beer for Dad and (c) I'm going to be a lot older by the time I get back.

Got to go now now because there is some large public coming past that might not know how cute I am....

Keep watching this site in case something interesting happens.....

xx Beau

Watch Out Ducks!!!!!

Beau.........Stile Guru

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