Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cassiobury Park, Grand Union Canal

Sadly, we have had to leave my favourite parking place at Rickmansworth, because Dad says we have to carry on adventuring. (I think that it is more the call of the Three Horseshoes at Winkwell, rather than the call of the open road as they say)...............but these are the mere musings of a cynical Collie with too much time on his paws.

I was just getting to know the dog from the boat in front of us as well. She was really good-looking in a Collie-cross sort of way, and I was looking forward to staying around her for a while. Anyway, we left early in the morning, so all I could do was leave her a quick p-mail and hope that she got the message.

So three hours later we parked near some woodland where I'd been before, and would you believe it, within an hour, her boat had parked behind us and she came trotting up the tow-path!!
Just goes to show that I've still got what it takes.....not many dogs would walk 4 miles up the towpath just to be with their BEAU........get it?

Got to go and brush away the dust of travel now.....

xx Beau

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Just couldn't resist chewing on this old bit of leftover dachshund.

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