Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rickmansworth, Grand Union Canal

We're back at one of my favourite places, and the scene of a recent triumph in the parade ring (see my post 19.05.2013)
Of course its quieter now with all of the Festival people out of the way, and I'm not into all that fame and fortune stuff really....

We've been back a few days now and I've met a couple of pals who, like me, like to run around and have a good time. With geese, ducks and swans in abundance, there is sport to be had for the more adventurous dogs.
Today I was playing with Woody, the Lurcher, and Boo-Boo, the Greyhound, and we had a great time tearing around on the grass seeing who could take corners the fastest.
The race seemed to worry some of the owners of smaller dogs who picked them up and clutched them tightly in case they got run over......of course there are always one or two that aren't quick enough, but they don't get badly hurt, and most of them are normally up and about again within a few minutes.

Dad calls it 'Collie-lateral damage', or something like that........

Anyway, it seems that we are going to stay here for a few more days yet to keep the geese in line, and whip the slower dogs into shape. One way or another, they're certainly going to know that Beau has been here......

xx Beau

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