Sunday, 5 May 2013

Berkhamsted, Grand Union Canal

Gosh, it's posh round here.......Dads been to a place called the White Rose for some shopping, (the local people apparently call it Wait Rose, because they speak funny). The few bits of stuff he bought only cost him 1 arm and 1 leg, so I guess you don't have to use money here either.

Although it looks posh here, most folk seem to have tough-looking dogs called Staffy, Rotty and Keeta, most of them walk around with big chains around their necks, and with their sleeves rolled up showing lots of tattoos......the owners are pretty much the same as well.......

I guarded the boat whilst Dad and Mum went to look at a castle they had seen on a map, but when they got there it still hadn't been finished....I guess if they were buying the bricks from White Rose, they'd probably run out of arms and legs......

Got to go now 'cos Dad needs to top up his dongle, and I'm not sure that he knows where the funnel is..

xx Beau

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