Monday, 29 April 2013

Leighton Buzzard, Grand Union Canal

We've been out of touch for a couple of days because Dad couldn't get his dongle to work again...I don't know if its connected, but the dongle problem seems to happen when he's been making a lot of 'empties' the night before.................

Anyway, we went out on a 'nature ramble' yesterday; its nice to get out into the fresh air, and Dad needs to be exercised a couple of times a day or he'll seize up. Mums got a telescope thing on the shelf out the back that she got for Christmas, and she can look at all sorts of tiny things that she can't see with her normal glasses. So she was picking up stuff off the path to take back, like bits of feathers, leaves and dead bug things.
I found something that I thought was interesting; I had a quick roll in it so I could take it back with me. It actually smelled rather good, but obviously not to Mum, who said I had to stay out the back until I had dried off, which I rather think defeated the whole point of the exercise.

While we were out, I had to answer the call of nature, (as one does..), and Dad had to pick it up with the bag things that he always carries. (This ritual is always accompanied by him saying 'What have you been eating?'......a pointless question surely, when he's the one that puts it in my bowl!!). Anyway, whilst he was picking it up, a lady in a posh boat went past and said ' I didn't think people did that sort of thing anymore', Dad said that he hadn't, it had been me that had done it.........I couldn't quite hear what she said after that because she was busy driving her boat into the mud.

We'll talk again soon

xx Beau

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