Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Flecknoe Fields, Grand Union Canal

Had a really good day yesterday, but Dad didn't......we were going along for ages and I really needed to stop to sort out some p-mail and leave some messages of my own. Dad said we had to keep going because we (he) wanted to get to a place called Long Itchington....(I thought that the vet gave me some cream for that a while ago). Anyway we finally got there and I could tell he was happy 'cos we'd managed to get a parking place quite near to another pub.
I got off the boat with Mum and we walked along past the pub and it was shut!!! A man on a boat with a dog like me, only much fatter, said that it had been closed since November last year, so I guess the chips would have been cold anyway.
Dad was grumpy for the rest of the day, but I cheered him up by taking him for a walk back the way we had come because I'd seen some Christmas decorations in the trees and bushes and although they were old, I thought that they looked quite pretty. They seem to have been made from plastic bags of all different colours, black, pink, green and some see-through, and all of them had little presents inside, so somebody had spent a lot of money just to make the towpath look festive.
The man who had his boat parked behind us had a big cockerel in a cage by the path, I don't know what he had it for but dad said it was how they did 'chicken-in-a-basket' round here, but I don't know what that meant.
Today wasn't such a good day 'cos we went past a woman who had three dogs like me (only fatter). They were tied to her waist with ropes and they seemed to be pulling her along. She said that she walked 80 miles a week with them so I don't know why they were so fat. She told Mum that I was a very nice looking Collie, but she thought that I had the looks of a bitch!!!! . For a start, I hadn't even said a word to her, and even if I had, there was no need for that sort of language, especially from someone who treats her collies like huskies.......

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