Thursday, 4 April 2013

Turners Green; Grand Union Canal

This is madness...........went outside to pick up my morning p-mail and post a couple of blogs, and its snowing sideways!! The only entertainment round here is barking at the sheep on the other side of the fence and even they are ignoring me because they have got their own sheepdog to play with. I met him this morning and he's a bit of a rough character, not well socialised like what I are.
Dad says we're cruising, but my instincts say its a pub before last we stopped outside of a pub that used to be famous for its pies, but not any more. They had an alsation and a labrador, but I wasn't allowed to visit. Last night we stopped outside of a pub 'cos Dad said he couldn't drive any further,....... what's the betting that when we do get going again, it'll only be as far as the next pub?
Apparently, we're supposed to be heading for London; I don't know how many pubs there are along the way, but I've a feeling that I'm gonna be stuck on this boat for a while yet.

I'm going back to bed to curl up into a small pathetic ball.......going for sympathy and a biscuit.

xx Beau

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