Monday, 8 April 2013

Radford Semele, Grand Union Canal

At last, we're back out into the countryside with all the smells and stuff to roll in that you just don't get in the towns. There was a particularly pleasant smell near one of the locks, but Dad knew what I was going to do and dragged me away before I had time to dab it behind my ears.......

Got into a bit of trouble today when I was off the boat....I heard a lot of screaming and shouting, and thinking that someone was in need of assistance, naturally went to help. I think that Mum was shouting something, but my ears were flat and I couldn't hear properly.
Anyway all was well, and apparently, nobody in the playground needed my help, so I went back.
Honestly, the look I got from Mum could have curdled my biscuits and try and do a good turn and what do you get.???

We went through a place called Leamington today, and I was really confused; apparently, the people who live here are so poor that they can't afford dustbins and have to put all of their rubbish into the water. On the other hand they seem to be so well off that they can afford to throw perfectly good bikes, prams and mattresses into it too.
Dad didn't understand it either 'cos he kept on shaking his head and making the boat go backwards so that he could collect some more of it round the spinny thing and take it all the way to London. I think he's going down some sort of hatch tomorrow to make sure its all tied on nice and tight......

Must go know because I've just heard that its dinner time and all this fresh air has made me hungry.

XX Beau

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