Sunday, 14 April 2013

Braunston, Grand Union Canal

Apparently, it's the first time that Dads turned right at this place....Mum said you can tell that by the way he hit the side when he parked the boat.
As usual, we're parked not far from a pub, which has pleased Dad because the sign says it does something called 2 for 1, and he's hoping that means more beer for less money.

We're surrounded by noisy sheep; there must be hundreds.... but am I allowed to play with them?.. not on your life.. I was born for this, I can tell.....there's more than enough to go round, and there's little ones too who can run ever so fast.
Dad said that if I got into the field, the farmer would shoot me, but I can't see that happening with all that lamb around to eat first....

Talking of which Dad and Mum are back from the pub with some scraps that were left over from the 2 for 1.
Dads quite merry....something about not being able to come to Braunston without getting pickled... he thinks that's a joke, but Mums not laughing.

Got to go and check on the dinner bowl

xx Beau

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