Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Milton Keynes, Grand Union Canal

Phew!! what a scorcher......I'm not used to all this sunshine, spent most of the day tring to stay cool, (though I think I'm pretty cool anyway).
Dad was determined to keep cool by 'getting his legs out'...Mum told him not to because Milton Keynes has got laws against 'pendages' being displayed in public places. I'm not sure what a 'pendage' is, but Dads got two of them and apparently, they're best kept hidden.

Mum and Dad went shopping and left me in charge of the boat, for which I'm rewarded with a dried bicuit, designed to look like a sausage roll but isn't.
Dad came back with some bottles that he keeps behind his chair, and every so often he opens some and turns them into something called 'empties'...then he throws them away. A strange ritual, but it seems to make him happy, and he has a 'lie-in' the next day.

It was Dads turn to cook the tea, but I think he made such a mess of the kitchen last time, that Mum made him cook it outside. He started by filling a bucket with small black bits which he set fire to, and then he chopped up some meat and put that on top of the bucket as well.
After about 20 minutes he took the meat out of the bucket but it looked the same colour as the stuff he had put into the bucket before he set fire to it.
I'm wondering why he didn't just put the original black bits onto the dinner plates to start would have been quicker, and Mum wouldn't have had to pinch some of my cooked chicken to go with the salad.

xx Beau  

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